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“The finest compliment I can ever receive is a referral from my friends and clients.”

We love Lindsay! We don\'t hesitate to recommend her. She is a knowledgeable professional who is passionate about her work. The end result is the garden of your dreams.
Carolyn & Barry, Mississauga

Lindsay and her team are fantastic! We didn't have time to research and design the gardens. Lindsay proposed a plan and we are delighted. The colours and diversity of the plants compliment each other. We would highly recommend Hearts Content Gardens for their knowledge, expertise and meticulous workmanship. Stacy & Scott Finch, Burlington, On.
Stacy Finch, Burlington

I have had a phenomenal experience with Lindsay and the Heart's Content team. I do not know much about plants and landscape design, but I love beautiful gardens and have always wanted that stunning, picturesque oasis of plants and trees. In a few short days Lindsay gave me this! She is miracle worker with amazing vision and understanding of her clients’ needs. Lindsay is incredibly easy to work with and clearly cares about her customers and their satisfaction. Working with Heart's Content has been an absolute pleasure and I cannot wait to work with them again in the near future.
Laurie Gemmel, Oakville

I met Lindsay through very obscure circumstances this year, a phone call from my mother and the idea of work experience in Canada for 4 months. I am a graduate Landscape Architect from the UK and really needed to gain some knowledge in the real world of planting, design work, client consultation and many other aspects that revolve around my profession. Lindsay literally took me under her wing and introduced me to her world of design. It was a fantastic experience. I was able to meet clients and consult with them, something that Lindsay is exceptionally good at, she is able to put the client at ease and know what they would like for their garden within a few short minutes. She is open, warm and always easy to get in contact with. Whatever the question, she is there to answer it as honestly and be as helpful as she can. The designs are all tailored to each individual and there is no shyness if somebody has a radical idea for their own property. I worked with Lindsay and the crew on a number of projects, all very different in their own right which were exciting and gorgeous at the end with every finishing touch thought of and implemented before completion. Lindsay prides herself on perfection and this is apparent in the work she carries out. Definately something you need to be reassured of when trusting someone to make a dream come true with a space you want to spend time in and take pride in. She has taught me a great number of things for someone who is just starting out in the profession and if i could take half the qualities she has as an individual i would feel priveleged. Thank you Lindsay and thank you to those clients i was involved in and got to meet in what will be memories cherished forever.
Ellie McEwan, Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Heart's Content Gardens came out to provide me with advice on how to improve the curb appeal of my home with landscaping. I received a quote promptly and was very happy with the suggestions!
Melissa Pearson, Mississauga

I contacted Lindsay to get my much neglected garden cleaned up. She is a very warm and caring person and understand your needs right away. Her crew is awesome, polite, pro-active , and very dependable. I will be contacting Lindsay for maintenance and any future landscaping needs I have. I highly recommend this awesome lady.
Louise, Oakville

Fantastic website Lindsay - well done. Would live to share lins via our websites!
Julie Griffiths, Burlington

I would like to thank Lindsay and her team for designing and planting my dream garden. With 2 small children, my backyard was in need of some serious TLC. Lindsay understood my need to have a combined space that not only my husband and I but also our two young boys could enjoy. The design is serene, yet so fun for the kids well! I can now push my boys on the swing and enjoy my lovely flowering and expertly placed trees, shrubs and perennials at the same time. I feel good when I'm out there now. The job was done on time and on budget. Thank you again Lindsay, for making my dream for my backyard come true!
Jenn Erbiceanu, Canada

Lindsay has been working with us for several years on planning and managing our landscape. Her foresight has resulted in an amazing overall result with our trees, our florals and especially with our new vegetable garden. We highly recommend her work!
Scot Adams

We have used Heart\'s Content on 4 occasions. Two times we have had several of Lindsay\'s guys come and do some clean up - they have been efficient, did exactly what we asked for and were also friendly and tidied up well. Lindsay\'s biggest project with us was to create a garden pathway with an english garden type feel to it. This was several summers ago and it is delightful. The plant materials she recommended after we spoke about colour and what perennials I liked and disliked are growing well. There were a couple of plants that did not make it over the first several months and Lindsay just replaced them and came and replanted them herself. She also kept in touch right after the big job was done and visited several times to see how it was growing. We have also used a friend of Lindsay\'s to redo some stone work that had been done poorly by another local landscape company. She will be coming over soon to talk about some work in another area of our backyard and also to see about the side garden and how to beautify it. We also recommend Heart\'s Content to one of our neighbours and they are very happy with the result as well. Heather Dawick
Heather Dawick, Oakville

I contacted Lindsay to get my much neglected garden cleaned up. She is a very warm and caring person and understand your needs right away. Her crew is awesome, polite, pro-active , and very dependable. I will be contacting Lindsay for maintenance and any future landscaping needs I have. I highly recommend this awesome lady.
Louise, Oakville

Lindsay McFadden had cared for my beautiful garden on a continuous basis since October of 2003. If I was asked to describe Lindsay in one word I would say “conscientious”. However, I would also like to add “creative” and “caring” to the list.
Janet Keele

Our backyard is gorgeous! It was as if Lindsay could read our minds - she knew exactly what we wanted before we even told her. She always responded to our emails promptly and was more than happy to answer any questions that we had. Her staff was very professional and we have no qualms about recommending Heart's Content Gardens to everyone we know.
Bryan & Angela MacMillan, Burlington, ON

I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay when the show "Leave It To Bryan" was working on my back yard. She brought a beautiful assortment of plants and really listened to my ideas and requests. I couldn't be happier with the end result! I would recommend her work in a heartbeat!
Jodie Bailey, Mississauga. Ontario